Elena Subach


Olena Subach was born in Chervonohrad, Lviv region, Ukraine. She obtained Master's degree in Economics in Volyn State University (Lutsk, Ukraine). Soon she moves to Kyiv and starts to work as a textile designer. Olena comes to photography in 2011, living in Lviv and joining 5x5/Dzyga art community. She works with topics of small cities, religion, mythology and identity. She uses photography as a tool for playing with facts and beliefs, mixing documentary, staging, computer editing and handcrafting into her unique and emotional visual language. Projects "Retablos de Galicia" and «Sacrifice» were dedicated to revival of religion in western Ukraine after 40 years of being forbidden in Soviet state. Her projects “Superheroes” and “Meteority Berdychev” speaks about small Ukrainian cities, like the one she grew up in. Provincial, poor and abandoned, looking for a hero or waiting for an Armageddon. Elena is a winner of New East Photo Bigmag Special Prize 2016. She took part in several group art projects and exhibitions in Georgia, Germany, France, UK, Poland and Ukraine. Now based in Lviv, Ukraine. ​

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