Elias Derboven


My name is Elias Derboven, 30 years old, born and raised in Antwerp Belgium. Son of a father who used to be a photographer but left his passion because of the hardship of life. I've been photographing myself for quite a while, but still decided to study Graphic Design instead of photography. At the time I thought it would provide me with a broader spectrum, and a different view on how to create an image. I still feel that way, although I also wonder where I would have been if I had studied photography. Design became a way of making money, photography was kept free of any sort of pressure, so I had time to let it slowly develop and to keep developing and evolving today. I have done many things the past years: worked a couple of years as a photography assistant in fashion (with Ronald Stoops & Inge Grognard) but decided that was not my thing. Did an internship in New York City with Paul Sahre that changed my life and enforced my vision in how to stand as a designer or creative within this world. Did some video work: Documentary, music video's, ... Worked a small graphic design studio in Antwerp, took that over, started under my own name. That eventually lead me to teach a full year (last year) at the Sint Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp as a Graphic Design teacher. I moved studios this year, organised a couple of things there such as the BFF (Building Friendship Fair) where we offer work from more than 40 artists (mostly local) for friendly prices. More info in the CV. - Elias

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