Elisabeth Mochner


I am cheerleader - of this divine life in all its shades of beauty I witness through not only my eyes and their extension: my camera, my lenses, but with my sensitivity. Meetings in the excavation playground and being wild or tender or both to the same time there are my favourite way of living. My greatest childhood wish was to become an archaeologist (to be exact: an Egyptologist - even though I couldn't even write that correctly back then). When I think about it now, I find that I'm not as far away from that as it seems at first glance, and that this wish - though quite different from what I thought - somehow did come true. Okay, no imagined desert sands and sphinxes, but what lies before me now as a woman I find far more exciting: the vast landscapes and castles - of the people I meet in the here and now and whose riddles I may tackle - if they want me to - without being devoured by them. Or do I? Archaeologists are in search of deep secrets, perhaps even lost treasures. When I look through my camera, I set out on the same path. Only in today. And I think I find them - these treasures - under and on the surface of people. In their eyes, which tell so many stories. In their hands, whose touches can express so much that a whole glossary cannot. For me, the human body is a field of expedition.

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