Elizabeth Claire Rose


Elizabeth Claire Rose is an American artist who works with the printed multiple through printmaking and photography processes. Born in Central Illinois, Rose grew up exploring natural areas of the midwestern United States. which helped cultivate her creativity and interests in ecology, biogeography, and the ecological importance of varied landscapes. She uses methods of analog and digital processes to explore and interpret ecological research through her work, as well as to document the world around her. Rose received her MFA in Printmaking from Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University and a BA in Fine Art with a minor in Wilderness Studies from the University of Montana. A Fulbright Fellow for 2019-2020, Rose traveled to Krakow, Poland for a research grant in printmaking. She has traveled internationally as an artist in residence to Latvia, Canada, and Poland. Rose was one of 25 artists selected for publication in 25 Under 25 Up and Coming American Photographers Vol. 2.

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