Erik Franssen


My fascination with photography started in my high school darkroom in Heerlen, a provincial city in the south of the Netherlands, where I was born. When I graduated I moved to The Hague to study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, also in The Netherlands. After assisting other photographers for a few years, I started as a freelancer in Amsterdam, mainly working in the field of editorial fashion photography. In 2007 I initiated my own artist in residence period in Berlin, where I lived for two and a half years to work on my long-term project concerning the apparent invisibility of the Berlin Wall. This effort resulted in exhibitions in museums like Stadsgalerij/Schunck in Heerlen and Centraal Museum Bureau in Utrecht (NL) and in publications such as Ein Magazin über Orte. My work is part of several private and public art collections. At the moment I reside as a visual artist in Amsterdam, where I work on my Mental Considerations-series in which I move towards a more abstract translation of my ideas.

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