Ernesto Solana


Ernesto Solana (B. Guadalajara,1985) is an artist based between Guadalajara, Mexico and Savannah, GA. He works in different mediums like photography, sculpture and installation. His artistic practice is parallel to his research and explorations around the suburban belts of different cities in the US, Mexico, Northern Africa and the Netherlands. In his works, Solana discusses the tensions between natural and artificial realms and the way in which urbanization and colonialism have clashed both categories. He leaps from prehistorical fossil deposits; to early notions of biological nomenclature and display; to the normalization of industrialized waste within marginalized urban landscapes. Solana recently presented his solo show Primal Reflex in PEANA Gallery, Monterrey, MX, and has been part of groups show like As to Be Inaudible at C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany curated by Jörg Colberg; Salon ACME, in Mexico City, and Indocumentados in Guadalajara. He recently published his book titled “Systema Artificialis” where he explores the consequences of the anthropocene and the new forms of relationship between the notions of humanity and nature. Solana studied at ICP in New York and got his MFA in Photography at the University of Hartford, in Hartford, Connecticut.

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