Eva Kreuger


My name is Eva Kreuger, I currently live in Haarlem, The Netherlands. I graduated from the photography department of AKV St. Joost Breda with my graduation project called „I pretend to know where everything belongs” (Ik doe alsof ik weet waar alles hoort). I am an artist who mainly works with photographic images. I use photography as a way to gather and organize the chaos that I am experiencing in daily life. By categorizing, archiving and bringing together as much data as possible, I try to investigate the things that happen around me. These can be very big or very simple subjects, even though events in life appear often to be both. Think of death, think of love, sometimes we don't even notice them and sometimes they change us inevitably. Most of the time my collections are the starting point of my projects, they consist of photography, text, film and drawings. I try to organise them in my archives, in which I often wander. I stumble through empty houses and meet silent strangers. Here I have the ability to change whatever I want, reality doesn't matter. Time has nothing to say. From the findings of my travels, collections and research I make collages, installations and bundles.

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