Eva van Ooijen


Eva van Ooijen is a visual artist who grew up in Zutphen, where she attended a Waldorf School. This is where the groundwork was laid for her aesthetic view on the world. In 2009 she got her photography degree from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht. Eva van Ooijen now lives and works in Amsterdam, NL. In her work, she takes things historical, like a pilgrimage, as her starting point. Tales about visions, healing and miracles that seem far fetched, but spike her curiosity. Investigating these tales by gathering evidence. Making them her own using analogy, metaphors and association. She looks at the modern world as an archaeologist from the future, examining reoccurring themes and trends. Not taking things as truth but creating one. Eva van Ooijen works with photography, moving images and installation.

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