Fabiola Cedillo


I work with the human beings and their condition. I am interested in their emotions and actions, as well as the context in which they develop. I like to walk around with the camera and find images, in every days life, that allow me to get to know new forms of communications, play with the closest environment and the subject, without defining the limits between fiction and reality. Fabiola Cedillo Crespo is a Ecuadorian photographer. Winner of “New Generation Prize” de PHM 2017 WOMEN PHOTOGRAPHERS GRANT. In 2017 creates AULA, the first analogue laboratory and photography school in Cuenca - ECUADOR She has made her first self-publication, the book, “Los mundos de TITA” in 2016. She won the 2015 "Fondos Concursables" in Plastic Arts at the Ministry of Culture and Heritage of Ecuador. She was also a finalist for the PRIX LE BAL of Talents jeunes creation photographique in 2013, France. Her work was selected for the photography festival, Encontros da Imagen in Braga. She was selected to participate in a residency at the Festival de Photographie de Deauville and the exhibition of work at La jourèe at “PLANCHE(s) CONTACT ” in 2013, France. In 2013 she was selected for the PA-TA-TA 2013 Festival in Granada.

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