Facundo Alegre


Facundo Alegre (b. December 18, 1989) Living and working in Paris I was born & raised in San Miguel del Monte, a little town in Argentina. I studied Photography and Literary Translation in Buenos Aires. Since 2013, I have established myself in several countries across the EU using temporary visas, a condition that forced me to constantly move around from country to country, taking odd jobs to support myself and my artistic practice centred around photography, literature, translation and cultural critique. In the span of 8 years, I have lived in France, Ireland, Germany, England, Spain, Sweden, Norway and Italy, approaching European culture as an ethnological subject of study, teaching myself its languages and translating them, investigating its artistic manifestations, methods of representation and philosophical critique from my dual perspective as an outsider and an illegitimate heir to Western civilisation. My artistic work documents my conflictive position as a Latin-American, Third-World, queer, dissident, nomadic immigrant in contemporary late-capitalist society. I work with objects, media & materials either found in my immediate surroundings or taken from corporate employers after hours. Using their digital tools, photocopiers & printers I facilitate the mass reproduction of my own artwork with which to stage interventions outside institutional art settings & publish at no expense.

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