Federico Kenis


Federico Kenis was born in 1990 in Córdoba, Argentina, where he currently resides. He learned the basics of photography from his father, through a film camera that used to be his. He starts developing his skills as a self-taught photographer, learning through practice itself, several books, and the Internet. In 2009, inspired by graffiti and street art he begins to draw and design under the pseudonym of Ruidológico. In 2010 he takes up his studies in Cinema at university and starts becoming aware of the moving image as a means of expression, both for narrative and non-narrative possibilities. As an active musician he plays several instruments in two bands: Anticasper and Youngs Against Godard as well as his solo project. Also he takes part as musician, photographer and video maker in the quarters of Ringo Records, an independent label of his city. In 2012 he devotes himself fully to photography -both film and digital photography-, making it an important part of his every-day life and encompassing various searches. As well, he employs photography as a filter through which he contemplates the real world and intern processes from a holistic gaze. Nowadays, he experiments by composing with materials and people, in different mediums and interfaces, in a relationship of tension, looking for ambiguous and resonant places in the relation organic/synthetic, abstract/figurative, content/form, chance/cause, virtual/real spaces. Intrigued by the universal concept of noise (both in sound as in the visual), consciousness and changes in state of matter. Obsessed with organic patterns, iridescence and everything that beyond its solid state shows for his eye that reality is transformed by time like a river of liquid information. More recently he’s exploring gif art, glitch art, video art and concepts like information flows, new and obsolete technologies (and their naturally or sponteaneously generated aesthetics) and social networks. [more show="Show artist details..." hide="Hide artist details..."]


  • Grupal exibition in Langer House Cultural Center.
  • Solo exibition in Happy Sundays Fair, Belle Epoque Club.
  • Solo exibition in Fractal Gallery.
  • Grupal exibition in Panda Boa Art House.
  • Solo exibition in 708 Gallery.


  • No Thoughts #8
  • The Things We Have Seen” published by VUU Colective
  • Né Ultra Volume One
  • Der Greif #6
  • Revista INVASIVA #26
  • Dadá Mini #23


  • Holy Ghost 1 & 2
  • Blood Of The Young Zine
  • Vice Italia
  • Worn Vandals
  • Artist of the Month in Artishock Revista de Arte Contemporáneo:

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