Francesca Catastini


What really interests me within my research is building bridges and working at finding different kinds and levels of analogies among languages. My projects are mainly about combining, images with other images, images with text, or images with other objects, in a no-ladder like interaction, aiming at transcending the idea of separation, in order to activate a process of continuous invention. What fascinates me the most is exactly this exercise of the mind, which, drawing from one's culture, knowledge and past experiences, aims at “filling a gap”, in a way which is not so distant from the processes involved in visual perception. Vision often implies a sort of distance and it represents the sense which is more suitable for abstracting things. Francesca Catastini is an Italian artist based in Tuscany. Having initially studied biology, Francesca went on to complete an MA in Photography and Visual Design in Milan in 2009. In 2016 her book "The Modern Spirit is Vivisective", co-edited and with a text by Federica Chiocchetti, won the ViennaPhotoBookAward and is published by AnzenbergerEdition.

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