Gabriel De Azevedo


My name is Gabriel. I live between Paris (France) and Bamako (Mali) since 2021. I've been enjoying and practicing photography for the last ten years. It is not a professional practice even if it is really inspiring and "useful" in my day-to-day job. I work as a producer and film director since 2015, evolving in the fields of advertising, documentary and fiction. I really enjoy my amateur approach to photography, compared to the professional one I have towards film. However, I feel a strong appeal towards photography in recent years as I feel its narrative power is somehow greater than with film. I feel like I can go deeper within emotions and intimacy, having a more direct link with the subject I want to grasp. With this feeling in mind, I've been trying to develop some work, either on a series mode or exploring graphic possibilities. I'm really looking forward developing my long-term projects : Isola, What's the story ? and Forbidden Water.

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