Gabriel Sacco


I graduated from Fairfield University (B.A. International Studies and Politics, 2013) and The International Center of Photography (Advanced Continuing Education Track, 2015.) I am very close with my family since childhood. I went to college to explore new relationships and recreate myself. Throughout school I discovered a passion for philosophy and politics. In my senior year I took a photography class and learned of my ability to create a photographic world parallel and separate from our reality. For leisure I listen to Murikami and Gaiman, an inspiration to the metaphysical tales, but also love to listen to dystopic or distorted fictions like Atwood and Rand. I enjoy studying the intersection of science and religion/philosophy; I most recently read Exile and the Kingdom (Camus,) David Kyle Johnson’s lectures on Metaphysics, and Eugene Thacker’s In the Dust of this Planet. My influences in picture making include Todd Hido, Joseph Cornell, Daniel Gordon, and Thomas Allen. I look at these artists to understand my studio studio practice. I like to consider their work (and strive to make my work) a heightened reality.

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