Gabriella Martino


I'm a biologist working in a hospital in Pavia (Italy). I started my photographic journey at the age of 18. In 2008 after starting off with alternative processes, mainly platinum and palladium printing, I joined the Rodolfo Namias Group (GRN), an association of Italian photographers and artists working with old photographic processes. Recently I took part in two GRN collective exhibitions, one in Bolzano (Fotografische Edeldruckverfahren, 14.9.2013 - 19.10.2013) and the other in Genoa (La magia delle immagini, Palazzo Rosso Museum, 12.4.2014 - 11.5.2014). Some of my prints have been published in 'Gum printing and other amazing contact printing processes' by Christina Z. Anderson (2013). The portfolio "Leri Cavour", was published in Black+White Photography, issue 169, november 2014 as the 'Hahnemühle photo project winner'. The portfolio 'Il nido del cuculo' was selected for Memories/No Memories” the photographic project curated by Sandro Bini and Giulia Sgherri (march 2016)

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