Gaspar Iwaniura


I was born in August 1985. I bought my first camera to go on vacation in 2004. I started taking photos almost as a compulsion. Then in 2005 studying at the University of Engineering UBA, I started a photography workshop by Marianela Portillo. During that year, I understood more of the photographic technique and started my first tests. A year later, he had left engineering, I started Graphic Design. During this year, I did workshops with Alberto Goldenstein. I understood more, and I knew less. The following year I started another workshop with Ignacio Iasparra. Then I spent a year photographing and I met Guillermo Ueno. I realized that editing was a big part of the photographer's work. I knew the movie. I started to photograph again. After two years I returned to work with Guillermo. In 2010, I went back to see Alberto Goldenstein and did a private revision during that year. I reviewed all the material of the past. Photos and words were clarified. I‘ve been part of NUEZ, a photographic work group with which we launched a digital magazine and exhibited in various places. I participated in collective exhibitions and art fairs in Buenos Aires, Parma, Barcelona and Berlin. I did solo exhibitions four times in Buenos Aires and Berlin. I live and work in Buenos Aires, my work belongs to national and international collections. At the moment I continue photographing and investigating in the new and old alternative ways of images production.

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