Guilherme Gerais


Guilherme Gerais ( b.1987 ) is an artist based in Londrina, Brazil. His main interest lies in the creation of stories and narratives, especially regarding the relationship between real things, documents, fiction, and speculation. He sustains an interdisciplinary and non-linear atmosphere, using layers of built-up scenarios, still-lifes, sculptures attempts and documentary photography, often resulting in images that don’t immediately reveal themselves but stimulate our thinking. His work is permeated by references to nature, technology and science fiction and the intersection between them, putting the viewer in a situation of wonder on what is presented to him/her and questioning our current life and the possibilities of the future.

Among his work stands out the photobook Intergalático (2014), self-published by Avalanche, with participations at Encontros da Imagem -Portugal, Fotografia Europea - Italy, Big Pictures / Cincinnati Art Museum - USA, among others. He won the prize for Best Photographic Work with Intergalático at Paraty em Foco Festival in Brazil and was selected to be published in the anniversary issue of GUP Magazine.

In 2017, Intergalático was featured in CLAP! 10Å~10 Contemporary Latin American Photobooks. His latest work - The Best of Mr.Chao (2017-2018) was exhibited on Breda Photo and published in online magazines such as Lens Culture and Old Magazine. The work was a finalist at PHMuseum Grant 2019 and shortlisted for Unseen Dummy Award 2018.

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