Hanspeter Schachtler


1952 birth, Central Switzerland. 1976 graduated as electrical engineer. Professional entry into the then newly invented computer technology. 1984 time-out. My wife and I went on a trip through Africa and South America for 1-½ years. Including a Hasselblad, a perfect camera for image design! Already at that time the need awoke to explore something profound and to create an adequate picture of it. 1987 change of location to eastern Switzerland. Starting a family, construction of a house and ambitious projects at work led to a photographic time-out. 2003 start of second cycle. A new approach to discovery and contemplative landscape photography began. In the foreground of the search are now preferably places of transition, for example, in the border area between ice and water. For me, taking pictures means allowing one to find and giving the necessary time and peace to the design. As a rule, I am alone and more often than not away from the usual paths.

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