Hiro Tanaka


Born and Raised in Japan. lived in Los Angeles for several years. Long story short, I have had some interesting coincidence that led me to start taking photographs and getting on the van, traveling with punk rock bands in United States and Europe by accidentally winning a free trip to US through raffles at shopping mall in Tokyo. Ive learned so many great things about life and photography through traveling and being on the road. I acquired my first camera from one of the band members during touring and started taking photographs. Since then I have been taking photographs, shooting video footage and collecting English slangs and phrases. Participated Koji Onaka photography workshop in Tokyo. Selected as a winner for Cosmos Arles PDF Award: France, ShainBook Award: France, YET#11: Switzerland, TPD Book Award: Italy, selected as finalist and shortlisted for several awards. includes Kassel Photobook Award, Kassel Dummy Award, Kolga Award, Daylight Photo Award, and more. Participated in residency program in Denmark, Latvia, USA, received several grants and included in exhibitions at international photo festivals.

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