Irene Antonia Diane Reece


Irene Antonia Diane Reece identifies as a contemporary artist and visual activist. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, resides, and works between the United States and Europe. She earned her BFA in Photography and Digital Media and MFA in Photography and Image-making. She is noted for her practice of using her family archives as a form of activism and liberation for her communities that she represents. Reece’s photographic works, appropriated films, usage of text, and found objects create insight into her world. The work displays the multifaceted identities that intersect one another, the topics surrounding her work are racial identity, African diaspora, social injustice, family histories, re-memory, mental and community health. Her work pushes boundaries and forces her viewers to confront issues that are deemed difficult to tackle. Reece’s objectives are to continue to take up space, be outspoken about the white-centric art world, and create forms of racial equity in the arts.

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