Ivo Sekulovski


Ivo Sekulovski was born in Macedonia in 1992. Firstly started as self-taught photographer using his brother's dslr camera at age 13. At the age of 19 he moved to Milan to study photography where he gained his BA degree. After assisting some photographers during his studies, now he works as freelance photographer shooting editorial, personal and commercial works. His interest in investigating what is consider as photographic realism, intuition and constructed fiction, Sekulovski effortlessly combines still lives, personal obsessions, memories, self-portraits and occasional humour into a seamless visual blend. Together with the idea of how images are constructed, how they can be recombined and reinterpreted, he creates his non-linear narratives that he calls “visual puzzles”, questioning photographic iconography in a way to rethink conventional genres and challenge the tension between their visual signifiers and meanings. There are the ideas of absurdist theatre, ambiguity and oddness often spanning throughout his work.

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