Jagoda Malanin


Jagoda Malanin, graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław and received a scholarship at the Faculty of Arts of University of Porto. A student of Sputnik Photos Mentoring Programme 2019 /2020, with the mentor Agnieszka Rayss. She has exhibited in Wroclaw, Warsaw and Porto. She takes part in NIK Ładne collective and co-runs a minuscule art gallery in Proza in Wrocław. She is interested in spontaneous architectures as a concept and works mainly with photography, augmented reality and ready-made objects. Featured author in TIFF Festival 2020 for the project "Memoir found in a bathtub". In 2020 selected to the Image Threads Mentoring Programme, now works on her photobook in collaboration with American visual artist and Sara J. Winston. Every second day she works in Publishing House Warstwy in Wrocław, where she deals with book promotion and author relations.

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