Jagoda Wisniewska


Jagoda Wisniewska is a Polish photographer and photo book maker currently living and working in Switzerland. Jagoda holds honors diploma from Photography & Film studies that she completed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2013, followed by her completion of Master Studies in Art Direction program with supervision of Milo Keller, Linus Bill and Bruno Ceschel, from an art and design school ECAL in 2016. Jagoda's interest in photographic book forms and nonlinear storytelling characterizes her identity as a photographer. She works closely within a book form, exploring multiple possibilities of dialogs between images. Jagoda's practice examines fragmentary of photographic medium, concepts of loss and photographic preservation. She is fascinated with photography's ability to revel and to hide, to preserve or loose through image taking, and photography's ability to express universal stories; asking questions, finding our own answers and constructing one's awareness.

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