Jagoda Wisniewska


Jagoda Wisniewska is a Polish photographer and photo book maker, currently based in Lausanne, Switzerland, where she works as a freelancer on self-initiated and commissioned projects. After completing BA in Photography & Film studies in Edinburgh, Scotland she moved to Switzerland in 2014 to complete Master studies in Art Direction at ECAL. Finalizing the Master program in ECAL Jagoda deepened her interest in photographic book forms and expanded her identity as a photographer. Her practice examines fragmentary of photographic medium, concepts of loss and photographic preservation. She is deeply interested in photography's ability to express universal stories and help in gaining awareness, ask questions and finding answers. Jagoda works closely within a book form, exploring an non-linear storytelling and multiple possibilities of dialogs between her images. She is fascinated with a physical qualities of a photographic books and the ability of photographic frame to revel or to hide, to preserve or loose through image taking.

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