John Darwell


John Darwell works on long-term projects that reflect his interest in social and industrial change, concern for the environment and issues around the depiction of mental health. He has had seventeen books published, including: ‘Chernobyl’ vols 1 & 2 (the Velvet Cell 2014), 'Things Seen Whilst Wandering Around Attercliffe' (Cafe Royal 2014), 'Desert States' (the Velvet Cell 2014) and 'Grangemouth and the Forth Estuary' (Cafe Royal Books 2014). Other recent books include: 'Sheffield: Hyde Park, Meadowhall and Ponds Forge (Cafe Royal Books 2013) 'DDSBs' (mynewtpress 2013) and 'Sheffield: Tinsley Viaduct' (Cafe Royal Books 2013). Previous books include ‘Dark Days’ (Dewi Lewis Publishing 2007) ‘Committed to Memory’ (Tullie House Museum & Art Gallery 2007), ‘Legacy’ (Dewi Lewis 2001) an exploration of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, and ‘Jimmy Jock, Albert & the Six Sided Clock’ on the Port of Liverpool (Cornerhouse 1993).He has exhibited in the UK, the Netherlands, USA and Mexico..

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