Jonathan Lieb


Jonathan Lieb is from Sunderland in the North East of England. He studied Media Arts at Royal Holloway, University of London before embarking on a career in film & video post production. He worked in the post production industry in London for 10 years, while making his own video-based side projects. He has worked across documentary, drama, commercials and music videos. A one-year sabbatical, in which he travelled extensively, resulted in a move to Copenhagen, Denmark where he now lives and works. The last few years have seen him incorporate stills photography into his artistic practice. He shoots on both medium format and 35mm film. His work has been included in several exhibitions in Copenhagen. In April 2020 he will have an exhibition of his most recent body of work 'Deus Lux Nostra' at Ungt Rum in Nørrebro. His work has also featured in publications including Blankt Papir Press project Året/The Year, Af.Art Kunst Magazine, and JRNL. Interested in the boundaries between documented and staged realities; Lieb's work explores the relationship between protagonist and environment. The modes and traditions of behaviour, the unwritten codes of conduct that are either obeyed or transgressed. Whether spontaneous moments that appear choreographed, or constructed images that seem natural, his work aims to question the veracity of the photographic image.

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