Juan Aristides Otamendiz


Juan Aristides Otamendiz based in Cuba is a Afrocuban autodidactic photographer, born in Havana. His family emigrated from Haiti and Spain to Cuba. His mother was a primary school teacher and his father was an engineer. Juan worked in different jobs like cake supplier and in fashion. For 11 years Otamendiz sold clothes on the black market to the Cuban upper class till he discovered documentary photography. Since 2015 Juan participates at photo-workshops of the “UNEAC-Union Cuban Writers and Artists” in Havana. Parallel he worked as a photo- & production assistant. Since 2016 Juan Aristides Otamendiz realized two artist projects together with the German media artist Kirstin Schmitt. Juan A. Otamendiz photographs, preferably long-term projects, deal by intuitive and inductive ways with post-colonialism, social ex.- and inclusion. His dynamic portraits are intimate approaches to realities beyond the fast lane. Juan realized photo series in Cuba, Nepal, and Germany. His awarded photographs (Winner LAF6-Latin American Fotografia in New York, * nominated for the "Latin America Professional Award 2020" by Sony World Photograph Awards in London, Honorable mention in 6 at IPA-International photography Award, shortlisted for the Kolga Photo Award or the Felix Schoeller Award in Germany etc.) has been showcased and published in Cuba, Germany, Austria, Italy, Georgia, New York and at the Addis Foto Festival 2018 in Ethiopia.

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