Julia Albrecht


Julia Albrecht is a German-born fine art photographer. Her work examines the linkage between sociological and gender-scientific research and an intensive preoccupation with personal experiences. It constantly draws from a profound curiosity for humanitarian issues and cultural phenomenons. Her body of work touches the realms of life's paradoxical. Through the camera, she vividly tries to reach the mind and explore the depths of life and its' emotions. According to her, these topics are just everyday things we all have to get through. Her focus points oscillate between pain and joy, between letting life take one and taking life in. Her works stem from what she could run into growing up in a small village in eastern Germany: from everyday life matters like the horses, the hay, the scrapyard of her dad with hands full of motor oil, and rainbow reflections in a small corner to more dire local issues. These roots continuously influence her work, as does her love for Art Psychology, Biology, and Gender Studies.

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