Julia Kafizova


Julia Kafizova, born in 1986, the provincial city of Komsomolsk, Ukraine. Then I moved to Kiev and lived there for about 10 years. Now I live in Poland. I'm not a professional or professional photographer. I'm just taking pictures. I'm interested in all kinds of photography - from film to new digital devices. I don't have favorite genres. Today I like an orange dumpster on a turquoise sky background and tomorrow a "black and white" corpse in the river. I'm attracted to projects through to which I can discover something new for myself and also affect someone else. Very important for me in life - are traveling. It’s like no one give new photo streams, slides for your eyes, which gives you a work for imagination and after the embodiment of ideas. One of the important moments of photography is that whenever you take a shot, in a minute, hour or year, you can always observe the changes of this object - before and after. Photographing - on the one hand you keep the past, but on the other hand you simultaneously project the future, without realizing it to the end.

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