Karina Sternum


Milena Natalia Soporowska [1989, Warsaw] – finished History of Art [main faculty] at College of Inter-area Individual Humanistic and Social Studies [University of Warsaw, 2014], where she also studied Psychology and Cultural Studies. Studied photography at The Society of Polish Art Photographers [Warsaw, 2012, graduated with distinction] and Academy of Photography [Warsaw, 2013]. Laureate of the 5th edition of ShowOFF contest for young talents at XI Photomonth in Cracow [2013, project: Guest Rooms, curator: Bownik]. Co-founder of curatorial project ABBILD. Curator and co-organizer of several group exhibitions: URBILD/ABBILD [lokal_30 gallery, Warsaw, 2013], The World Picture [under the auspices of Anda Rottenberg, Branicki Palace, Warsaw, 2014], UN/HEIMLICH [Starter gallery, Warsaw, 2014]. Scholarship holder at Summer Academy in Traunkirchen [2012] and Salzburg International Academy of Fine Arts [2014]. Took part in various group shows. Writes about art, especially photography.

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