Katrin Streicher


Katrin Streicher is a photographer based in Berlin, Germany. She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Photography from the Staatliche Fachakademie für Fotodesign (2003) in Munich and with a Master’s degree in Visual Anthropology from the University of Manchester (2006) in the UK. In 2015 she completed the Postgraduate Class of the Ostkreuz School for Photography (Berlin, DE) under the direction of Prof. Ute Mahler and Robert Lyons. In 2011 her first photo book, In Between – Siberia China Mongolia, was published by Nimbus Books, Zurich. Her work has been exhibited internationally in group and solo exhibitions and has been selected for the Documentary Photography Days Istanbul, ID New Talent of the Biennale Cologne and the Recontres Photographique de Toulouse, among others. In 2016 she was a Photolucida Critical Mass Finalist. Katrin Streicher is an invited member of a year-long workshop lead by Betty Fink (formerly of the Ostkreuz Agency and Laif) and has been a member of the aff Galerie since 2012.

In her documentary work Streicher is drawn to topics and regions that have been affected by major changes. Political, geographical or social, she focuses on changes that have had a significant impact on the people living in these regions. Influenced by ideas from phenomenological philosophy her interest lies in the relationship between people and places, and perceptions of belonging and identity. Her work focuses on long-term documentary projects based mainly in Northern and Eastern Europe.

Since 2013, Streicher has been working on the project 'Night time tremors' in Kiruna - a small city north of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. The work examines how changing landscapes caused by iron mining effects people’s lives.

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