Katrine Skovsgaard


A contemporary artist needs a written statement that introduces a coherent body of work with context, possibly with a narrative that reveals the work as a logical culmination of a personal journey of hardship. My personal journey is that of a chronic headache that upset the balance of self-care on one side and producing work as an artist on the other. I found strength in the personal stories of other artists, and decided to work directly with my headache, and subsequently co-creating visualisations of the pain of others. I am at the culmination of the journey I inhabit; in my current work I shed that story of struggle. ‘Release’ is abstractions of lived life. I translate daily movements and exercises into material. The struggle is no longer visible in the final work as a didactic tale of hardship, but rather it becomes a tool in the process of creating abstractions that speaks openly about the body and its functions. The process of the work is a direct interaction with the emergent realities of daily life; the work becomes a visualisation that is inseparably bound up with the real without resembling it.

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