Kayee C


Kayee is a fine art photographer born and raised in Hong Kong, currently living in France. She creates storytelling images by assembling her self-portraits in Photoshop to explore the dynamics of human relationships. Her favourite subject is the paradox between our desire for a fusional bond and our need to remain an individual unit. Often drawing inspiration from Renaissance art, she attempts to offer a critical, offbeat and sometimes poetic look on the way we relate to each other. Characters that Kayee plays in her portraits range from complete strangers, friends, coworkers, family members to some forms of deity, trapped together in a scene despite their desire. They often struggle to maintain a balance between the roles imposed by societal expectations and their desire to be themselves. Out of phase with the pursuit of an appearance of cohesion, some cannot help but display marginal attitudes such as laziness, contempt, sadism or disillusionment. They seem to be constantly wondering who they are really supposed to be. Kayee works solely alone. Born hearing impaired, she views her solitary way of working as the optimal balance between physical constraints and creative fulfillment. She is currently represented by galleries in Hong Kong and in Berlin.

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