I am Keyezua a storyteller using art as a communication tool that manages to tell more than my words will ever do. Art provokes, educates and empowers without pity. It is a powerful tool and it is in the hands of this generation to create value for our government, organizations and foundations to put artists as an integral component to the further development of culture, economics, feminism, and individual development in Africa. What makes me uncomfortable in our society is what helps me create an artwork that deserves to exist as I follow the revolution that happens in my mind when I am not satisfied with a situation that affects human rights. Due to technology as a catalyst for change, everybody can educate and market themselves as an artist but is not everybody that is willing to use art to fight a cause or to provoke and insist in intellectual change. For us, women, we can't just make art to make art look pretty and successfully hang on a wall at home or in a museum. It needs to demand respect, debates, confusion and experiment with tradition. I am Keyezua.

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