Kuba Stepien


I was born in Łódź in the central Poland. I lived in Bełchatów for the first 17 years of my life, where I was playing in theatre and compose music on double bass. It's sill big part of my life but any of those medias didn't gave me such possibilities to express myself completely. At 19 after matura exam I moved to Cracow and I started to photography seriously. For one year I was studying Sociology at Jagiellonian University which helped me realised about power and walue of image. Actually I'm student of Academy of Photography in Cracow and Culture studies at Jagiellonian University. I've been photographing using my analog camera since I was 3 years old. I photograph to bend reality, explore it, provoke and manipulate. I'm searching for my personality, identity and strength. I attempt to tame and control forces of nature. My work is soul searching in my own nature for the society which no longer wants to understand, therefore must begin to feel.

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