La Profecia


The Prophecy is a reinterpretation of the oral memory and myths related to Lake Atitlan and the San Pedro Volcano, which are among the inhabitants of San Pedro de Atitlan in Guatemala. We predict the origin of life and the Universe, through images that transit a portal that opens between two worlds. The world of the lake is represented by a female presence, mother, and creator. And the world of the volcano, of the fire and of the earth, is embodied in a masculine figure. These two worlds or sides are not at all opposed, they are rather parallel. The genesis of The Prophecy imagines these two beings as brothers in synchrony and balance. They listen to each other, protect each other, and complement each other. These photographs were developed in an open and receptive collaborative space between three photographers and the people of San Pedro de Atitlán. A space that holds the mystery of local beliefs, which in turn leads us to experiment with this world we inhabit, which is wrapped in layers of meanings that transcend that which we can see, touch, and verify.

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