Leticia Valverdes


Brazil born, U.K. based photographer, Leticia Valverdes has been making socially engaged photography for two decades. She initiated her first project whilst a student of fine art and photography in London, working with girls living on the streets of Brazil’s major cities. It was during that first project that she felt it was ethically appropriate to have an exchange and invite for participation. The work with Brazilian Street Girls has been exhibited extensively and published in a book in 2000. Leticia works in the UK and abroad. In the UK she has worked for many years in partnership with London based All Change Arts, a charity that brings artists and communities together. Abroad she tends to work in collaboration with communities as varied as a northern Portuguese Village and Amazonian Tribes. During the Pandemic lockdowns, as she could not go anywhere, she invited her own 3 children for a collaboration and intervention on her archive of Amazon pictures. This collaboration resulted in the series “And Now My Children Know”. The series Dear Ana, explores memory, migration, loss, ancestrality and the story of her Portuguese grandmother who never came back to her motherland. There will be forthcoming exhibitions of this work in London and in Portugal. Her collaborations have been exhibited and published in books and magazines in the UK and abroad.She has been awarded various prizes and residencies like Portrait of Britain, Via Art Prize, Emergentes, Ian ParryAward among others.

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