Lila Zotou


I hold a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts from Utrecht University of the Arts MAHKU, the Netherlands and a Bachelor’s Degree from Academy of the Arts of Ioannina University, Greece. During my creative practice I employ peripatetic photography, a term that engages the subject with long camera walks, which have the healing effect of a meditative process and that of understanding the environment and my role in it. My artistic research uses visual storytelling of a non linear narration and vernacular photography in order to communicate notions of identity, place and the idea of belonging . My professional experience includes years-long assistant positions and projects participation in galleries and art platforms of the Netherlands, and recently in Norway. I have shown my work in group exhibitions in The Netherlands, Greece, Albania, China, and Norway. My work has been published in the book Contemporary Greek Photography, Kostas Ioannidis, Futura, 2009 and up to date has been featured in several media in Greece. I work and live in Oslo, Norway as a visual artist working with photography, photo instructor and curator.

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