Lina Manousogiannaki


I discovered photography quite young, however my first steps were mostly oriented in the dark room and not as much on the synthesis of the image itself. My work these past years has evolved from an observation of the outside to more of a construction of my own reflections, as well as my perception of the world. I studied Archaeology and History of Art and I have a Masters from the University of Crete. While a student i became involved with groups of photography lovers and started exploring the medium on a deeper level. I then decided that I needed more guidance and went on to study in the Academy of Fine Arts in StGilles, Brussels, from where I graduated with honors in 2016 from the photography department. My work has been exhibited in a series of festivals such as Malmo (2017), Landskrona (2017), Brussels (2013-2016), Tenerife (2015), Copenhagen (2013) and Crete (2008 and 2017). I have also presented my work in several solo exhibitions in resonance with major events such as Ph9 and La biennale de l'art contemporaine, in Lyon where I resided until 2013. I am currently the editor in chief of Urbanautica, a photographic online journal focusing on visual culture.

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