Liza Ambrossio


Ambrossio began her artistic practice at the age of sixteen when she asked a housekeeper of her mother's house to steal photographs from family albums to buy them. In Mexico City at the time, Liza was portraying her passage from adolescence to adulthood looking for ways to survive from a distance during the process of emancipation from her family. Meanwhile she worked as a photographer covering murders in the early morning hours for a local newspaper. In these moments, she discovers that the hell she holds inside is the same as outside. After her BA in Communication Sciences and Design in Mexico City, she was awarded the Descubrimientos scholarship for an MA in photography and artistic projects at PIC.A (PHotoEspaƱa).Her universe incorporates symbols alluding to witchcraft that mixes with her written narrative, photographs, installations and videos that she unites by free association, driven by the theories on psychological manipulation and its influence on the continuation or rupture of the power professed by different social structures. She also seeks in her work the exercise of a sinister freedom that has a strong relationship with chance and instinct, and involves the destabilization of female canons that threaten the possibility of exceeding the ethnic, sexual, moral, religious and political limits. Her work has been reviewed by The British Journal of Photography, The Magnum Foundation and Vogue Italy. She has been awarded the Voies Off in Arles and the FNAC New Talent.

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