Lluís Tudela


Artist Lluís Tudela (Girona, 1988), currently living in Barcelona, has been working and researching on image for 10 years. Also works on cinema, video and contemporary art projects. His speech as an author is focused on photography as a subjective expression and a way of showing emotional and aesthetic sensations. Tudela has participated in collective exhibitions: Düo Gallery (Paris), Village (Leeds), Furthermore (Washington), Carmencita Film Lab (Valencia), Church of London (London) or Espacio 88 (Barcelona). Baix Ter was his first solo show abroad, exhibited at Galería Ñ (Valdívia, Chile). His work is published in online magazines like Yukatan Press (United Kingdom), Paper Journal (United Kingdom), C-Heads Magazine (Germany), Ignant (Germany) or Booooooom (Canada) as well as in printed publications like The ones we love (United States), VUU Collective’s Super Special (United States), If you leave (United Kingdom), Brochure Volumes (Spain) or Errr Magazine (Mexico). Last year published a book with Sunday Mornings at the River (United Kingdom) titled Mist. Actually he is working on a book with Clandestine Books (Spain - Mexico) and planning a solo show of large format in Barcelona.

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