Beginning with the expansion of technology into various social spheres, the duo Lom-of-LaMa explores the complex of contemporary social interaction in their works. In objects, installations, and performances, they both investigate the emergence of a “collective self,” a (fictitious) entity that they make use of through the analysis of mutual perception, communication, and corporeality. Always working from a dialogue, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes successively, Lom-of-LaMa develop virtual models as well as modified, functional everyday objects, which are based on ideas of duality, from mythological subjects to ancient ontology and even transhumanism. In their series tools for two, they adapt tools and other everyday objects that are usually only used by individuals so that they are suitable for joint use. Whether brushing your teeth, sweeping, painting, or sitting: the singular act disappears completely and the collective act develops into cooperative functionality. The digital, mental, and physical connection between the two not only enables them to share and combine sensory information within the working process, but also leads to dual-controlled actions that pave the way toward operating as a symbiotically interactive creation tool. The performative element that is characteristic of their work oscillates incessantly between intimacy, everyday life, and virtuality. Andree Höppe, Hartware MedienKunstVerein, 2019

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