Lu Mazen


My focus is on fine art photography, on still lives and images of our world in the form of still lives. I portray the strange moments of daily life. I am interested in all phenomena of light and how light transforms the seemingly obvious into a new reality – thus creating the magic of the image. I have been a traveller. I explore the world, people and cultures. I focus currently on the microcosm of daily life – made visible and connected to inner places, emotions or memories. Since 2001, I work on photography, after studies at renowned international universities in Germany, UK and Canada. I attended master courses with Josef Schulz, Sonja Braas, Jean-Christian Bourcat, Jane Evelyn Atwood and Nicolas Havette and Oded Wagenstein. I joined the summer academy in Salzburg with Eli Cortinas and attended classes at ICP and Manum. In 2021 I received a residency with the New York School of Visual Arts and joined the Despatch Residency in the New Forest in UK. I exhibit internationally, at festivals, galleries, art fairs and (German) art associations. I contributed to and won prizes in international art and photography competitions. become 3. Prize winner of the Alzey-Worms Art prize in 2016, bronze winner at Px3 (2015), finalist eg. at Premio Arte Laguna (2015), Premio Celeste (2015), Premio Lynx, The Julia Cameron Gala Award (2020), The Swiss Photo Club Awards (2019), the ARTIG Art prize Kempten (2016) and the South West German Art Prize (2018). I am a member of the German GEDOK.

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