Maehrlein von Perfall


Photography duo Julian Mährlein & Luma von Perfall combine a sensitive and culturally aware approach to imagery that sits at the intersection of portraiture and fashion. Quiet intimacy and hidden beauty intertwined with a playful way to capture unexpected and fleeting moments Mährlein & von Perfall create natural and assertive imagery. Luma’s adolescence in Rio de Janeiro shaped her visual understanding in multiple ways and gave her a warm and particular gaze on her subjects. Influenced by the years spent in London, Julian's view is grounded in his closeness to youth culture and a candid take on portraiture. Together they share a vision fueled by daylight and spontaneous instances. Switching with ease between still and moving image they work collaboratively with their cast and team across editorial, commercial and personal projects. They're based between Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.

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