Marco Leitermann


Marco Leitermann is a photographer based in Berlin, focusing on documentary and conceptual photography. He has exhibited photographic series in Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin and Rotterdam. After having completed a degree in communication design at the Berlin University for Technical Arts (BTK), he was accepted into the renowned school for documentary photography at Ostkreuzschule where he graduated in July 2019. Following – but never copying – photographic influences such as Jürgen Teller, Jim Marshall or Wolfgang Tillmans, Leitermann's graduation series "Goldgrube" centred around contemporary rock'n'roll bands and their routines on tour. His unique photographic style has led to commissions with magazines (including a series of the band GURR for the magazine Das Wetter) and collaborations the most hyped German newcomer bands, which he selects and accompanies on tour (including Die Höchste Eisenbahn, Isolation Berlin, Gurr, and many more). As part of the 2K17 project, a group of artists, art historians, scientists whose goal is shaping an interdisciplinary discourse, he as exhibited more conceptual works in galleries in Dresden and Leipzig. His series "Oscillations" uses sound in a more destructive way than in his previous works. Leitermann uses the sound of speeches by the Brazilian right wing populist Jair Bolsonaro to distort VHS images of buildings in the political capital Brasília, designed by architect Oscar Niemeyer.

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