Maria Petrenko


Born in Kyiv in 1984. Studied sociology and philosophy. Within 10 years has been working in the field of marketing, advertising and on the TV. Studied Documentary Photography at the School of Visual Communication. During study has started a project about fear of maternity (Destination) and participated in the group work of creating zine about changes and transformation in Ukraine. Made project about accepting of otherness (Between us). Lived in the Yazlovets monastery searching for information and making photos for the story about large town that was lost in the history (Old stones). Took part in the Swedish-Ukrainian program «Other voices, other rooms» (by PhotoCULT Centre of Photography and Swedish institute) and in the cultural residence «Points of approaching» in Kharkiv (by CSM / Foundation Centre for Contemporary Art). Participated in Odessa-Batumi photo days (mc on conceptual photography). Exhibited during New Wave art festival in Lviv, More-Gol festival in Kyiv and #showmeyourufo project in Krakow.

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