Marta Pinto Machado


Graduated in Architecture by the School of Architecture at University of Minho in 2013, architecture and themes over territory are the core of the photography work in a first instance, having published scientific essays on thinking architecture and contributing as Teaching Assistant during Porto Academy on Faculty of Architecture of the University of Porto. Towards the reality of a diffuse territory along with the permanent interest on the surroundings, I have found in photography the tool to signification studying the palimpsest of the places there are most familiar, in her case Vale do Ave – the diffuse territory –trying to bring understanding how life and territory adapt over time and change in regions where textile industry had much power until the crisis hit Portugal. As an artist, I use my architectural background as a starting point to research and reflect on the territory or to search for a specific composition. Currently, I'm doing a Master Degree in Photography in the School of Arts of Catolica University.

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