Matt Hulse


I am a British artist, born in 1968, currently based in Scotland, after three years living and working in China and North Korea. I hold a Green Card for the USA. To date I'm best-known for my works in moving image - short films, features and installations - that have screened at festivals and galleries in 25+ countries internationally. In October 2017 I was selected as the overall winner of Germany's top photography prize - The Felix Schoeller Photo Award - for a provocative series called 'Sniper'. The series comprised candid photographs shot in North Korea, Outer Mongolia and Hong Kong on a cheap mobile phone with a $9 clip-on telescopic lens. The award's welcome, surprise validation has encouraged me to rethink the role and place of stills photography in my practice. In one way or another photography has been a constant in my work since the mid-80's. It's where I started out, and it's how I found my way into filmmaking. Photography sometimes leads my practice, and it has always underpinned it, and put simply - it's part of my everyday life as an artist. I've decided it's time to take my photography seriously and start bringing it the attention it deserves.

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