Matt Williams


I am an artist who relies on collaboration between my conscious and subconscious to create work that is both direct and subtle. Often I am not immediately aware of the subtext in my work. It comes to the surface after spending time with my photographs and concepts. I want this to allow for what seems paradoxical: wide and universal readings of my work based on my narrow and specific personal points of view, experiences and stories.

I so often refer to paradox because I find the idea of holding two or more conflicting ideas or truths at the same time to be a concise way of understanding and exploring the human experience. I find photography an effective medium for examining story (the stories we are told, the stories we tell, the stories we challenge, the stories we take for granted) and the connection, or more often the lack thereof, between story and truth. The implied authenticity of a photograph provides a strong basis for the presentation of and conversations about the mutability of truth and the disconnect between the "truth" and the actual way we live our lives.

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