Maura Jamieson


Maura Jamieson trained in Glasgow as a Photographer then moved to Plymouth where she continued to study photography at Plymouth Art School. Now living and working in London as a Lecturer and Practitioner, she has sought to balance the demands of developing both her lecturing and personal work. Her practice has involved camera-less, lens-based and analogue photographic processes. Landscape, memory, portraiture and place have established themselves as the predominant themes in Maura’s photographic imagery. Exploring the relationship between past and present, her work is drawn towards the possibility of making a moment motionless and still. Inside the Outside Photography Collective 'The Understory' Article Feb 2022 ArtDoc Magazine ‘Light in Darkness’ January 2022 ‘Light Interiors’ Float Magazine ‘Photo But Not Photo’ Online Exhibition January 2022 ‘Light Interiors’ ArtDoc Magazine Female Visions Issue 6 December 2021 ‘Derivations’ Bluebee Magazine ‘Bloom’ Issue 7 July 2021 ‘Inverted’ LoosenArt ‘Environmental Alterations’ Exhibition Rome September 2021 Handbali Magazine Issue 2 June 2021 ‘Inverted’ Landscape Stories Magazine Blog March 2021 ‘Inverted’ PhEST International Festival of Photography March 2021 ‘Derivations’ ArtDoc Magazine 'Inner World' April 2021 F-Stop Group Exhibition Past/Future April 2020 ‘Derivations’ LensCulture Portait Awards 2020 ‘Derivations’ Julia Margaret Cameron Awards 2020 Barcelona ‘Women Seen by Women’ ‘Derivations’

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