Maurizio Fiorino


I was born in Crotone, a small town located in the deepest south of Italy, in 1984. At the age of 18 I moved to Bologna to study, in order, Political Science, Literature and Philosophy, and Art. I didn't graduate in any of them. After my disastrous university experience, I moved to New York. I began studying at the International Center of Photography and in the meanwhile I started to exhibit my photos at the "Leslie Lohman Museum" in SoHo and at the "Chair and the Maiden Gallery" in the Village. In 2014 I published my debut novel, "Amodio" (Gallucci Editore), the story of a young homosexual boxer, son of a ‘ndrangheta boss, set in the south of Italy. A journalist from The Huffington Post list the the novel as a "necessary book". In 2016 I published my second novel, "Fondo Gesù" (Gallucci Editore).

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